QuickBooks Database Server Manager SQLANY Errors

QuickBooks Database Server Manager SQLANY Errors

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Issue: QDSM unexpectedly shuts down, particularly when utilizing the ‘Scan’ function for repairs.

Error events are logged, including Event IDs 4, 1, 1000, and 1016, indicating issues with database service timeouts, SQLANY 17.0 component errors, and application faults involving QBServerUtilityMgr.exe and KERNELBASE.dll.

Temporary Fixes:

System Reboot A complete server reboot can temporarily resolve the issue, although it may not provide a guaranteed or permanent solution due to potential port conflicts upon system restart.

Service Restart Sequence: Temporarily stopping the DNS Server service, starting the QuickBooksDB## service and QBMonitoring service, then restarting the DNS Server service can circumvent the issue without a reboot.


Port Reservation: Conflicts between QDSM and other services, such as DNS, often stem from overlapping port usage. Reserving ports specifically for QDSM can prevent such conflicts.

a. Stop the DNS Server service and the QuickBooksDB## service using the Services console or Command Prompt with administrative privileges.

b. Open Command Prompt as an administrator and execute the following command to reserve a range of ports for QDSM, adjusting startport and numberofports as necessary:

netsh int ipv4 add excludedportrange protocol=udp startport=55368 numberofports=5

c. Restart both the DNS Server service and the QuickBooksDB## service.

Validation Steps: After implementing the permanent solution, monitor the QDSM service for stability and ensure it remains operational without unexpected shutdowns.

Review the Event Viewer for the absence of previously noted error events related to QDSM and SQLANY 17.0.

Known Side Effects: Port reservation may require adjustments based on other services running on the server to avoid new conflicts.

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