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TL; DR: Navigating Challenges at Diamond IT: A Call for Change Starting my Project Engineer (Sr. Professional Services Engineer) job at Diamond IT (Bakersfield, CA) was fraught with issues, from needing login credentials for my workstation to dealing with outdated and malfunctioning equipment. My optimism for a structured training phase quickly faded as I encountered …
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About Me

Embracing Technology, Protecting Others: My Journey in Cybersecurity

Since the early 90s, my world has revolved around computers. It all started with a Packard Bell PC, diving into modem-based dial-up connections and stumbling upon my first hack—a program called ‘Navigator’ designed for child safety. Uncovering a critical combination, I crashed Navigator and accessed the computer’s desktop, igniting my passion for technology and exploration.

Growing up, I faced challenges within my family, as my brother occasionally stole the money I earned from web design and local computer support. Determined to protect what was rightfully mine, I purchased a large home safe, symbolizing my commitment to fortify my defenses. Despite his attempts to undermine me, his efforts only scratched the surface. I even suggested installing a hallway camera to bolster security, shaping my strategic mindset and the principle of protecting others from exploitation.

Throughout my career, I’ve maintained a balanced approach, embodying intensity, direction, and persistence to deliver consistent, high-quality service to every organization I work with. This dedication has led to self-concordance, job engagement, and an commitment to achieving goals. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve had the privilege of building, exploring, and developing security systems globally, likely safeguarding something that belongs to you along the way.

My writing, enriched by interviews with late 90s hackers like John Vransevich (JP), Kent Browne (Hack Phreak), Carolyn Meinel (Happy Hacker), Eric Ginorio (Bronco Buster), Marc Maiffret (sn1per), Jodi Jones (Venomous), and Patrick Gregory (MostHated), reflects my deep involvement in hacker culture. Beginning in my youth, this journey included interactions with the FBI and Secret Service, where I was more an inquisitive explorer than an adversary. My goal has always been to safeguard information integrity and confidentiality, steering clear of deceit or harm.

Contact me at the bottom of this page if you have any questions/comments about the blogs, or Follow me on LinkedIn.


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