Office365 – Rebranding Tenants

Office365 – Rebranding Tenants

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Issue: Rebranding in an existing Office365 tenant is a process that requires a lot of testing and mapping out dependencies. We’ve done this several times and are building a repository of scripts and helpful tips to guide you through the user experience and admin impacts on the back end.



  • Renaming the user’s primary login name (UPN) in a pure O365 environment with no AD sync or on-prem isn’t all that bad. When you make the change, it does not force you to create a new Outlook profile or reconfigure mobile devices, nor does it break activation on joined/non-joined machines. Outbound emails almost immediately start coming from the new domain. Outlook will continue to show at the top of the mailbox tree unless a new profile is generated to handle the aesthetic elements.


  • OneDrive breaks on Desktop/Mobile, and it’s not very obvious. In some cases, we saw an infinite ‘Signing In,’ but otherwise, the device would say, ‘All files are synced,’ unless you uploaded a file and watched it get stuck in the queue, there aren’t any indicators there is a problem. Logging out/in fixes the issue, but the concern is that it doesn’t kick them out. See the script below for ‘Reset OneDrive’ you can publish this to the end user’s Desktop, and tools like Datto RMM can run it in the user’s profile which helped our efforts to automate the fix.


  • OneDrive links take around ~15 minutes to change but once they do it breaks all previous shared links. Check the HTML file below that converts those links from the old domain to the new one. It’s simple, and we put it on the user’s desktops to help them work through shared file linking issues.


  • OneNote users will see syncing issues that don’t recover until they log out/back into Office365 local application. For some reason it doesn’t seem to grab the new file locations that move with OneDrive’s location.


  • Updates are ongoing!


Scripts (PS):

O365 – Change Single User (Testing)

O365 – Change All Users (Execution)

O365 – Change All Groups and Distribution (Execution)

OneDrive – Reset (User)

Rewrite OneDrive Shared Links

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