Errors when clicking SharePoint links in Outlook

Errors when clicking SharePoint links in Outlook

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Issue: On January 17th, users on Dell XPS 9300/9310/9320/9370 using both Windows 10/11 laptops started complaining of multiple errors from Office365 applications. This would happen if they clicked a link to a SharePoint file or location but not manually pasting the same URL to that location in a browser.

One error was, “The server you are trying to access is using an authentication protocol not supported by this version of Office,” and the other was, “We’re having trouble connecting to the server. Please try again later.” finally, “An internet connection is required to open this file. Try again after connecting.

Solution: No amount of reinstalling Office, updating drivers, disabling DNSFilter, or other actions fixed this issue for my users. What did work? Disabling IPv6 on the Wireless interface immediately fixed the problem. So, I pushed this PowerShell script below using an RMM tool:

Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name ‘Wireless’ -ComponentID ‘ms_tcpip6’
Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name ‘Wi-Fi’ -ComponentID ‘ms_tcpip6’

Anyone find the root-cause, or see this issue on non-Dell XPS devices?

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