Migrate Box via API to SharePoint

Migrate Box via API to SharePoint

Issue: As part of a Box migration, tools like ShareGate, and Kernel Migrator can miscopy files at 0KB or have other problems. Admins may also need a lean way to migrate lists of Box files into SharePoint without using third-party tools.

Solution: Custom script to migrate from Box API to SharePoint. It uses a source/destination list of files from Box to the SharePoint site collection. Note that files with ‘[ ]’ have issues with this method due to API/script limitations.

Download the Script – BoxAPI_to_SharePoint

Create folder structure:
a. Logs – to keep the logs created by the PowerShell script.
b. Scan – to keep all CSV files from where the PowerShell script will read the file path.
c. Temp – A folder to temporarily keep the downloaded files from Box API. Those files will be uploaded to SharePoint.

Access Token:
Copy the Access Token and use in PowerShell script. This token is valid for next 60 minutes. You should follow the steps again to generate a new token.

CSV Format:
SiteCollectinURL FilePath


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