Card Fraud – Express Store 2401

Card Fraud – Express Store 2401

*** Update 9/12/22 *** – Thousands of people are visiting this blog regularly due to card fraud of their own via Express Store 2401. I have not been able to gather any more information from the companies involved, but I continue to dig deeper into how they’re stealing these cards and other parts of the operation. It’s ridiculous that it’s been going on this long and that Wells Fargo isn’t concerned with somebody stealing a card that’s never been used.



Wells Fargo texted me the other night about its fraud system. The issue was an attempted charge from EXPRESS 2401 in Columbus, Ohio. After a bit of Google research, I found that the world is no stranger to fraud coming from this location.

I’ve never once used this card with any other merchant or website. It was activated in June of 2021 and then locked in a cabinet. It also seems that if something were purchased on, it would show up as CORP, not a particular store location.

Here is the response from Express:

As a part of the investigation, I’ve set out to answer a few questions about this particular scenario:

  1. How could the attackers steal a card that’s never been used before?
  2. Did attackers hijack the Express merchant account for this location?
  3. Why does fraud persist at store #2401 despite reporting to the banks and Express for over 8 months?

The story will be updated as more information is obtained about this issue at Express Stores.


9 Replies to “Card Fraud – Express Store 2401”

  1. Just happened to me on my Citi card that I use regularly for less than $14. It’s still pending in my account and I have locked my card. It’s not even the card I have on file with my Express profile either. Interesting this is recurring! Data breach at Express maybe??

  2. This just happened to me on 10-07-2022. The charge was for 17.96. I bank with Truist and they declined the charge for me. I had no idea this was a scam. I thought maybe it was a gas station. If criminals could just use their intelligence on something good, the world would be so much better off.

  3. this just happened to me as well on 07/30/2022. EXPRESS#2401 COLUMBUS completely drained my checking account, multiple charges amounting to nearly $1,300. i bank with Truist and they failed to flag this fraudulent merchant. so frustrating and scary!

  4. Hi,
    This just happened to me too. It was a Citizens Bank ATM/Debit/Visa card. I had two charges to SHEIN and then 7 at EXPRESS #2401. I almost NEVER use this card. I didn’t use it all this year as a Debit or Visa card, only as an ATM card. In the last two years I also had my Citizens Bank account compromised and they had to send me a new card. They said something happened to the system, and I think the “system” was actually the ATM at the bank!

    Were your credit cards connected to your checking or savings accounts? I just opened a Zelle account for my checking account and the trouble started after that.

  5. I just got a charge of $131.24 from EXPRESS#2401 today. My bank and card are M&T and I wasn’t even alerted about this transaction. I use my card regularly but still have no idea how it could’ve been stolen and used. Someone also used my paypal account to spend $122 just a few days ago too.

  6. Just had this happen to me last night, $684.80 charged to this exact same thing. Express#2401, why is it always the same place, searching has brought me lots of people that have had charges come from here that they didnt make. My card was only used for my monthly bills, I rarely used it out in public, mine is also a Wells Fargo card. This card has only been active for 7-8 months, I’ve been using my Apple card everywhere for over 2 years now and never had an issue with that one…..seems odd that its Wells Fargo related to me, but got my card cancelled and a new one sent out

    1. Yeah, we find it odd that this keeps going on and on. How the heck did they steal my card that I’d NEVER given to anyone? Express doesn’t seem to pay much attention to what’s happening here, but I feel it’s the underpinning of a significant cybercrime situation. I just can’t precisely unravel it from this end with the information in front of me right now. It’s like many other things that run into me (or I run into them) hiding in ‘plain sight’ around the interwebs.

    2. i got an attempt on my wells fargo for exactly $684.80 as well. jul-26-22. i have no idea how they got my info. only place ive give out my info was my local car wash in az

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