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***Update***—I’ve ended my subscription after ~5 years of being a DeepSentinel customer. The CEO sent a video explaining that they’ve been quadrupling the rate for my current service. The email included a 30-day notice, and I’m not entirely convinced by his presentation that he has his head on straight. To be fair, all new users have been paying those prices for a while, I just didn’t feel like having that decision made for me.

TL;DR: The sudden price hike feels like a quick fix aimed at financials, likely linked to investor pressures from last year’s 15m note, which is expected to come right around the time these first invoices hit. Early customers are bearing the cost, with the company betting on the upside from higher margins and cash inflow from those who stay, especially from the expected churn. Given that they’ll scale up margins, reversing the losses, even with a massive hit to subscribers, Essentially, it’s pushing rushed decisions on us to cover for past strategic choices.

I’ve heard claims that the DS2 model addresses these concerns, yet user feedback suggests similar frustrations. Given these challenges, quality, and cost, I’m switching to Reolink cameras and exploring other monitoring services that better suit my needs. The constant false alarms and technical problems have been disappointing and continuous.

Other issues that never went away over the years:

  1. Tons of outages, many for extended periods in Google Cloud that impacted the guard’s ability to protect my property.
  2. Cameras randomly went offline on a regular basis, even ones on the other side of a window from a top-of-the-line Wi-Fi 6 router.
  3. Privacy mode turning off on it’s own for certain cameras.
  4. Notifications blow up your phone with alerts. If the “AI” is ignoring something, I don’t know what it is because a moving tree lights up my iPhone, Turkeys, Cats, etc.
  5. Ignores things that matter for unknown reasons, and pays close attention to others that don’t matter. A white car pulls in, the video isn’t reviewed and is only in historical. My wife has a white car too but like, why is it ignoring one that’s not her? Many other of the videos in this area it’s not clear why they wouldn’t be reviewed.
  6. DS1 wireless reception is terrible. Cameras will have 1-2 bars, and take forever to load or timeout completely. They’ll stay online for extended periods, then randomly go offline, etc.
  7. Video quality on DS1 is terrible you can barely read a plate.
  8. The app’s performance is sluggish, particularly during ongoing video recording, leading to endless loading and erratic screen orientation changes. You can barely tap into the feed until the event has ended.
  9. Probably more… I’ll get back to you on that. I did have lots of trouble tickets, resetting cameras, swapping hubs, etc.

*******ORIGINAL REVIEW*******

DeepSentinel is a new home surveillance system that leverages cameras, AI, and around-the-clock monitoring to prevent break-ins, auto theft, and other domestic crimes.

DeepSentinel cameras are equipped with speakers, allowing two-way communication. Speakers at 104dB are reportedly the loudest on the market. Each kit comes with 3 cameras, 1 hub, and mounting equipment. Cameras are battery-operated and reportedly last up to 2 months without recharging.

The Surveillance Center will engage local law enforcement if a crime is detected. DeepSentinel aims to identify a threat in under 10 seconds and contact the police within 20 seconds.



System Review

*** Update 11/2020 – Things have been smooth with DeepSentinel. A few brief outages were about an hour of time due to the larger Google Cloud Disruptions. The system’s performance has increased over time with much less false positive activity. Alerting is still nearly real-time allowing me to catch people out front very quickly. App has improved visually and in terms of features greatly since I bought the system. Support is great they’ve sent me a new hub, batteries, and cameras anytime I have issues with barely any hassle. Although I spent a bit of time below poking holes at the system most of them have long since been resolved. It’s truly a wonder to stop constantly thinking about people in my yard especially when I leave the house.

The vendor has recently released a new power-over-ethernet system that uses an Nvidia card and dome cameras. Stay tuned for updates on that system as I get my hands on one. our DeepSentinel purchase.  Click here to get 20% off your purchase/subscription.

—-Original Blog—-

Testing is in progress as are discussions with the vendor. This is a rough write-up of the final testing that I am doing with this system at home. Please note despite any critical reviews of certain features I am certain of two things: 1. I am here to hang on because fully managed is what I need. 2. Apps, Features, Bugs, and Products can change with enough feedback. This is by no means a recommendation not to buy the system. I love it! My job (as always) is to show you how marketing meets the delivery. Also, highlight anything that needs development or may annoy a potential customer. I have been using it for approximately 1-month gathering this information.


1. Wake up time is fast. Agents consistently verify events in a short amount of time. Tests were successful in bringing an agent to the live camera. Many other cameras I have tested seem to catch the movement 1-5 seconds after it starts. This unit always records the movement that is taking place reliably. Another feature I like is that the clips can be 1.5-2min long if necessary. Other devices have predefined lengths that cut off the activity prematurely.

2. Battery life is good/acceptable for cameras with 1-2 bars and heavy traffic in front of them. My cameras have been up for 1 month. Batteries are 61% (Front), 57% (Back Door), (Driveway) 27%. The extra battery is a nice touch. It took me a few to realize you can rip the top off of the hub to charge it.

3. The app is evolving with new features. Alerts have become more specific, and the privacy mode is much more flexible. Having an initial max of 3 hours was a mistake. 24hr is great, a schedule would be even better. One downside to privacy mode is it stops recording locally altogether. It would be nice to choose whether to keep storing footage locally on the box. The idea (in my mind) was to stop escalating it to the SOC.



1. Picture Quality – Overall picture quality of snippets and recordings is low. The vendor stated this is to expedite uploading to the Operations Center. I find the quality locally on my end remains poor. It would be hard to identify a license plate or letters on a van for example. I don’t doubt that the camera is capable of more but I can see that it’s throttled down for the reason specified and perhaps others like preserving battery life, storage space, or other resources. My thought is that this might record full quality and then commit a lesser quality image to the Operations Center. There is a balance of evidentiary interest with these minor details in addition to the live response.

2. Opened a ticket with the Support Team to investigate an unexpected outage of my system in the first 14 days. I didn’t make any changes other than rebooting the system a few times. On my first escalation, the rep explained it away as one of those situations where a device crashes. I recommended avoiding that kind of rationalization in this instance. It’s much wiser to use support as a point to collect those technical details. I want to know if my box is going to crash every 14 days. Reboots don’t address root causes. The vendor has been responsive and contacted me about this multiple times. No crashes since that time.

3. The camera appears to inspect 100% of all movement. Dogs, a spider, people walking by 100 times in 5 minutes. I have not personally witnessed any kind of AI. Every time there is movement it’s verified by an agent. I’m trying to make the connection between AI Assisted and a fully managed service that manually checks 100% of all notifications. This is not evident in my usage of the product. I am waiting for the vendor to explain where the technology comes in to play. I need somebody to draw me that line… We all know of the  100s of vendors who sell AI but the execution seems to be largely reliant on humans. Maybe it’s in the roadmap? Learning mode?

^^ Turkey Burglar or Burger? I can’t decide. My Actual Intelligence determined this is a bird, not a threat.  We focus on what matters most  “Coupled with Artificial-Intelligence, we distinguish between a potential intruder and a car, dog (^turkey?) or other non-threats.“. I’m sure it’s in a hyper-excited type of ‘learning’ mode but I’m just saying… I don’t know or understand a lot about “How” it’s going to learn, and when to expect that to kick in. I don’t doubt it’s coming but I seek more information on what’s next for my system. For now, I don’t mind if they keep an eye on my turkeys.

4. Delayed alerts, false alarms with cameras going online/offline. Apps seem to be evolving with its notification styles on Android. I have seen alerts that there was activity at my Front Door but then the clip is for the Back Door. Other times it alerts but the clip is from a past time. Not clear if this is known but the app seems to be producing lots of alerts that apply to events which already happened. Or there’s no video waiting when I open the application to see that alert’s contents. It might be something that’s going on with my phone. It’s not annoying enough to cause any issues. I do have ComCrap internet service…

5. Adjusting the area of coverage in some cases took away from areas within that border. I am still experimenting but it seemed like the ideal way to keep it was expanding the coverage completely. I tried to reduce it in some areas to avoid a road with cars passing by in the distance. It has recently stopped firing on those cars so the AI may have learned this pattern. Previously I had dozens of recordings showing cars far in the distance moving laterally to my yard. (Vendor responded and made adjustments on 5/24)

6. Many situations where I select a camera and after 0-60 seconds it’s still loading. At this moment I have rebooted my phone + the hub several times and still can not load my cameras in a live view. It displays a message that it’s having trouble reaching cameras. I can’t do it at all no matter how many times I try with app version 345. The camera also hangs when it has a live alert and I click into it when an event is taking place. (Vendor replaced a defective camera on 5/28)

7. Wireless between the cameras and hub is just OK. It’s not terrible but it’s also not spectacular. There are no antennas on the hub and it’s a 2.4GHZ connection. I spoke with the company about this and they quickly sent me a few repeaters. Mind you my Wireless box has 4 antennas and 75% strength in the positions of the cameras. It’s not up to me though I have to use the Wireless built-in to the system unable to leverage my own. (Vendor provided WiFi extender on 5/29)

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