Google Chrome – Instability and Quick Fixes

Google Chrome – Instability and Quick Fixes

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Chrome’s a great browser overall, and I prefer to use it. There are many situations I’m finding where it becomes unstable and crashes often. For most of these, we can attribute Extensions and other factors. The troubleshooting information out there is scattered at best, and the forums misleading as they rarely offer an actual answer from anybody at Google. I’ve been working on Chrome quite a bit, and have seen the good, bad, and ugly. Here’s a few quick fixes for issues, and breakdown of common diagnostics.

#1 – Make sure you are completely Virus and Malware free. There are numerous pieces of unwanted software that hooks into Chrome.exe, especially in memory. Run Malwarebytes, clean up the machine before you waste any more time.


#2 – Verify Chrome is at the latest version, and configured to automatically update.¬†Troubleshooting old Chrome is not going to be useful, that is unless you’ve rolled back for a specific reason.


#3 – Consider killing the process, logging out of Google, and resetting things like IE advanced settings to default. Remember that Chrome uses IE as a proxy source, and many times I find machines with malicious proxy servers configured.


#4 – Antivirus and other tools will almost always have Web Proxies. Unload them, and make sure you have a clear connection to the internet. Trend Micro doesn’t support blocking on HTTPS for instance, and I’ve seen issues where we had to whitelist Chrome.exe in the registry to get it working. Tabs would lock up and load continuously, also we saw Chrome become unresponsive. If you unloaded AV, tabs came right up… even if you waited an hour.

#5 – Try running Chrome from command-line with –disable-extensions to remove that as a factor. Also, you might consider logging into a test user account and open it under another profile. Do you have the same problem? If so, then you are likely looking at a system-wide issue. If not, then the issue may reside here “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data”


#6 – Run Chrome diagnostics – Runs a series of tests, most of them largely undocumented by Google. Searching this stuff gets almost no hits or people with dead-end threads. Not experts.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application>Chrome.exe –diagnostics


I’ve found this test below to throw an error in some cases:

[PASS] User data path
Path exists and is writable: (amount of data in path)

Remediation:¬†del /f/s/q “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\*.*”

Also, consider running CCleaer on Chrome, it seems to nearly clear this directory. I’m not 100% on all of the contents, but something here chokes up Chrome. Run this as the user, not system.


#7 – Revouninstaller will remove Chrome completely, including filesystem and registry. Recommend wiping out the user’s local data as well. If they sign into Chrome, nothing should be lost.

#8 – Maybe this is due to Auto Update being turned off, or maybe being on and installing a corrupt version? Stop it using this command below:

reg ADD “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Update” /v UpdateDefault /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f