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Ben Damman aka TypeSend

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In our experience with Ben Damman, the CEO of Aliens From The Future, Inc., we’ve encountered some challenges. We invested $8,041.67 for a project in September 2020, and there has been no meaningful progress. We’ve noted missed meetings, limited communication, and minimal code commits and observed him taking on new projects on Upwork. We’ve also come across similar feedback from others on the platform.

Ben Damman

From our records, Ben logged approximately 66 hours, including a twelve-hour day and a weekend. However, the only tangible output we noticed was a basic Elixir framework. He often shared messages such as “I’m about to commit a release” and “There will be a significant update soon.” He even assured repayment, mentioning, “The check is on the way.” Unfortunately, despite these communications, the deliverables and promises weren’t realized.

Ben Damman

Ben often speaks about his past experiences, mentioning roles at prestigious places like the White House and Apple. He also positions himself as an expert developer. Given these claims, it was surprising and disappointing for us that the commitments he made weren’t followed through, especially when it seemed he had the capability.

The frequent cancellations and last-minute rescheduling of meetings became our primary, if not the only, window of communication with Ben.

Ben once sent me a message, which I’ve captured in an image, explaining he missed our meeting because he was in “beast mode,” supposedly accomplishing a lot of work. Unfortunately, this approach seemed counterproductive, as I never received the promised screenshots, links, or instructions.

On one occasion, when inquired about his progress and well-being 91 days into the project—especially since there hadn’t been any tangible outputs or communication from his end—Ben attributed his lack of progress to political events in January and a coincidental stomach bug.

(In a particular instance, as showcased in the attached image, Ben extended an invitation for a call. I responded promptly within an hour, suggesting multiple time slots for our discussion. Regrettably, there was no subsequent communication or acknowledgment from his end.)

When Ben expressed his financial struggles to me, mentioning he was “low on money(unemployed), I empathetically gave him a $1k bonus from my own funds, hoping to assist. This bonus was attributed to a proposal he had drafted for our project. However, it’s noteworthy that up to that moment, the tangible deliverable from him was just a 1.5-page document. Even the presentation of this brief document was postponed as he had canceled the scheduled meeting for its unveiling.

Interestingly, just eight days after I terminated our contract that spanned from Oct 14, 2020, to Jan 19, 2021, another client posted the following review about their experience with Ben:

Ben Damman Aliens From The Future TypeSend
Ben Damman Aliens From The Future Typesend

During our engagement, Ben cited a personal tragedy—a death in the family in December—as a reason for delays. However, only a week after our contract termination, he undertook another project, displaying the same patterns of behavior—accepting funds but not delivering results. Between our two organizations, this amounted to a loss of ~$13,000.

It was disheartening to observe his leisurely activities on social media—travels, dining out, moving to a new, picturesque home—all while communication gaps persisted. It felt as if he was comfortably living on the funds we provided without offering any tangible work in return. To see him repeat this pattern with another business, even after our experiences, was deeply unsettling.

Ben’s inaction severely impacted our operations and timelines, causing significant setbacks to our market entry. Initially brought onboard for troubleshooting, he was unable to perform that task. Instead, he persuaded us to create an entirely new environment using his preferred frameworks.

It was the visible association with figures like President Obama and references to esteemed organizations such as the White House, Apple, and Google on his social media that convinced me to engage him. Regrettably, I was lured by this perception of a ‘My jobs are my identity‘ ethos, expecting it to equate to reliability. However, the outcome was far from it.

Ben Damman Aliens From the Future Developer Missoula Montana

Ben has yet to deliver meaningful results for the funds we provided when the project was initiated. Instead, we felt the impact of his actions quite heavily—both financially and in terms of time. After engaging with us, Ben relocated and ceased communication.

While Ben seems to be familiar with financial disputes, the question remains whether we’ll be able to recover our investment. It appears that others have had to resort to legal measures to ensure their financial disputes with Ben are resolved, and we might have to consider a similar course of action:


$4,306 to Express Personal Services
$9,802 to Asset Acceptance, LLC
$3,600 GB, LLC
$1,640 Capital One Bank
~20k in legal judgments.

Despite being provided options for a significantly reduced repayment plan, Ben has not made any attempts to repay even a small portion of the amount. We were open to a generous arrangement where he could pay back only half the amount at his convenience, both in terms of amount and schedule. Yet, this proposal went unacknowledged.

The last communication I received from him was an email of varied formatting in which he labeled my inquiries as “harassment” and stated that any further communication should be directed through his attorney. Interestingly, Ben had, on multiple occasions, voiced his intention to repay us. However, he never firmly communicated a refusal either. It seems he chooses avoidance over addressing the issue head-on.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I wish you success in your endeavors.